Our old friend, Allen Bradley's SLC 500 is reaching end of life and being phased out of support.


Why should I be concerned?

  • Spare parts will become more difficult to source over time, and likely at increased cost from unauthorized re-sellers
  • Existing systems will no longer be supported by Allen Bradley
  • Aging control systems are more likely to have increased mean time between failures


How does it affect me?

  • Increased failure rate equates to increased down time
  • Unplanned downtime causes loss of revenue
  • A migration to a currently supported system in a planned, controlled setting can happen very quickly.  An unplanned migration because of SLC failure disrupts the process for much longer.


What are the benefits of migrating now?

  • Migration during a planned shutdown reduces costs over migration in an emergency situation
  • Guaranteed support for current system platforms
  • The luxury of planning to include upgrades to programs or infrastructure
  • Increased processing power means several SLC processors can usually be combined into one new processor


 How do I start the process?

Contact us at CPME to discuss your options and scope, and we'll take it from there.


Check your Allen Bradley product life cycle status HERE